Ten benefits of attending the show


Ten benefits of attending the show

Regardless of the size of the company you and the company you lead, the show offers you a great business opportunity, and participation is one of the most efficient marketing methods.

1. Low-cost contact with cooperative customers

Companies need to reach qualified customers and participate in the exhibition is the most effective way. According to the survey, the average cost of using the show to reach customers is only 40% of the cost of other ways to reach customers.

2, the workload is small, the quality is high, the signing rate is high

After reaching qualified customers at the show, the amount of follow-up work is small. According to the survey, the average customer who is exposed to the exhibition, the company only needs to make 1.8 calls to the other party to make a transaction. In contrast, the usual typical business sales method requires 7.8 calls to complete; at the same time, 54% of all orders placed by the customer to the exhibitor for visiting the exhibition do not require individuals to follow up.

3, get to know a lot of potential customers

According to the study, based on the average number of visitors on an exhibitor's booth, only 12% of the people received calls from the company's sales staff within 12 months before the show; 88% were new potential customers, and the show was also an exhibitor. Bring high-level new customers. For exhibiting companies' products and services, 49% of visitors at the show are planning to purchase those products and services.

4, competitive advantage - show imagination and strength

The exhibition provides an opportunity for exhibitors to show their strength in front of competitors. Through the training of well-trained booth staff, active pre-show and exhibition promotions, and fascinating booth design, the competitiveness of exhibiting companies can be radiant. Moreover, visitors to the show will use this opportunity to compare exhibitors. Therefore, the exhibition is a good opportunity for exhibitors to show their image and strength. 5, save time - do more with less

During the three-day period, the potential intent customers exposed by the exhibitors were more than the number of customers they could reach in 6 months or even 1 year; more importantly, the face-to-face communication with potential customers was fast and stable. An important means of customer relationship.

6, rapport customer relationship

Customer relationships are a hot topic for many companies, and exhibitions are a great place to get in touch with existing customers. Exhibitors can express their gratitude to customers in the following ways: hospitality, company's latest product information, company gifts, one-on-one dinner, other special services.

7. Teach hands to teach customers to try products or feel service

There are not many opportunities for corporate salespeople to bring products to their homes for demonstrations. The exhibition is the best time and the best place for exhibitors to focus on demonstrating products or feeling services for potential customers.

8, competition analysis

The exhibition site provides an opportunity to study the competitive situation, and the role of this opportunity is incalculable. Here, using information from competitors on products, pricing, and marketing strategies can help you develop your company's near-term and long-term plans.

9. Expanding the influence of the company

Most exhibitions often attract the attention of many media, and the use of the media for publicity is a rare opportunity for exhibitors.

10, product and service market survey

The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to conduct market research. If the exhibitor is considering launching a new product or a new service, visitors can be surveyed at the show to understand their price, functionality, quality and service requirements.